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Regardless of your strength and fitness goals, we have everything you need to build your inner champion at Mili's Gym!



Powerlifting is the backbone of our operation, and we are proud to say that we are one of only three USPA Certified Gyms in the state of Florida! Additionally, we are equipped and fortunate enough to have the opportunity to host sanctioned powerlifting meets throughout the year. Our athletes and outside competitors alike have access to IPF certified equipment - such as a combo rack, calibrated plates, power bars, deadlift bars, squat bars, and competition benches, platforms, and collars.


Olympic-style Weightlifting

Olympic-style weightlifting is especially important to us since we are a USA Weightlifting affiliated club. All athletes who train at our gym have full access to IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) certified Olympic-style bumper plates, bars, platforms, and collars as well as the other necessary equipment to train for the snatch and clean & jerk in a safe manner.



We highly encourage and support all our members who desire to compete in the IFBB, NPC, and OCB. Our facility provides all current and aspiring bodybuilders with the opportunity to participate in annual posing seminars (instructed by IFBB professionals) as well as the necessary training equipment and freedom to work on their posing routines. Bodybuilding enthusiasts will have brand new Reflex Fitness selectorized machines to hit all muscle groups, as well as brand new Rogue Fitness Dumbbells.



Our goal is to stay as up to date as possible with the ever-changing apparatuses throughout the sport of Strongman. We aim to make sure our members can train on implements such as the Atlas stones, Farmer's Walk, Sled, Arm Over Arm Pull, Husafell Stone, Circus Dumbbell, Axle Bar Deadlift, and Log Press to ensure their readiness levels. As a United States Strongman affiliated gym, we promote the sport by hosting sanctioned competitions for athletes to compete in every year.


Plyometric & Agility

At some point in life, all athletes benefit from the ability to jump, move, balance, and recover. Therefore, we ensure that our members have access to resources such as box jumps, kettle belles, medicine balls, stability balls, bands, jump ropes, battle ropes, foam rollers, mats, a TRX Suspension Trainer, and over 600 square feet of indoor cross training turf to ensure proper mobility.

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Cardiovascular Conditioning

Endurance training is the epitome of good health, and we take that seriously. Our passion for good heart health is a big focus for us and our members. Whether it be distance running, sprinting, or cycling - we have your covered with Matrix Fitness treadmills and ellipticals equipped with premium LED screens, Bluetooth capability, and Wi-Fi access - as well as a Rogue Echo Bike.

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