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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your rates?

  • Monthly Memberships

    • $30 - Power (unlimited access)

    • $25 - High School Athlete (ages 14-17, full access on weekends and after 3:00 PM on weekdays)

    • $20 - Weekend Warrior (access from Friday at 3:00 PM to Sunday at 11:00 PM)

  • Temporary Passes

    • $45 - Month (thirty consecutive days)

    • $30 - Week (seven consecutive days)

    • $15 - Day (one calendar day)

2. Is there a military or first responder discount?

Yes, we offer 10% off all monthly memberships for military and first responders (with proof of ID). Military includes active duty, reserves, retired/veteran, and National Guard. First responders include law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency medical services (paramedics, EMTs, etc.). The discount is exclusive to the service member only - not dependents. To redeem this discount, please use discount code HERO when signing up online.

3. What is the minimum age to workout at Mili's Gym?

The minimum age to workout at our facility is 14.

4. Are there any long-term contracts?

No. You will not be locked into any long-term contract with our gym. However, you will be required to sign a member agreement, waiver of liability, terms and conditions upon signing up.

5. How do I cancel my membership? Are there any fees associated with it?

In order to cancel your membership, we require a 30-day advanced notice in writing. There are no cancellation fees.

6. Can I be a member at Mili's Gym if I am not a competitive powerlifter, bodybuilder, weightlifter, or strongman?

Absolutely. We welcome any and all members who wish to improve their health and overall level of fitness.

7. Is there an annual fee?

Yes, there is a $60 annual fee charged every April 1st to all monthly members.

8. Is there a registration fee?

Unlike most corporately owned or franchised gyms, we do not have a registration fee.

9. Can I work out at Mili's Gym if I am not a monthly member?

Of course! However, everyone using the facility must have a signed waiver on file and current accessible door code assigned to them. Please click here for additional information on how to obtain a day, week, or month pass.

10. What are your hours of operation?

The gym is open for members to work out from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM seven days a week. Although, the office is not staffed during this time.

11. Do you have Wi-Fi access for members?

Yes, we have a very strong Wi-Fi network for our guests to ensure those tasty jams are on point during your workout. Please see the front desk for the password.

12. What should I do if my RFID tag to access the facility is not working?

Please contact us at, the Contact Us form on our website, through Facebook Messenger, or at 407-614-8019 and we will work with you to resolve it ASAP. Keep in mind that monthly members can also access the facility with their PIN or via Bluetooth on the GymMaster App. 

13. What if I do not pay my monthly membership?

Your access to the facility will be suspended after the third calendar day of delinquency. Once payment is received, your ability to gain access to the gym will be re-instated.

14. Can I drop my weights, grunt, and yell?

Yes, so long as it is done in a safe manner. We want our members to feel comfortable while working out, and sometimes that means slamming deadlifts and grunting. Although, there is no profanity allowed. We just ask that you do not throw your weights in an unsafe manner to those around you (i.e. dumbbells bouncing into someone else's training area).

15. Is there a dress code?

Yes, loosely. Only workout attire will be allowed while training on the gym floor (no jeans, khakis, sandals, dress shoes, etc.). While on the gym floor all members must have on closed toe shoes at all times. Although, shoes may be temporarily removed while performing an individual lift (such as a deadlift) as long as socks are worn. At a minimum, women must have on a sports bra, and men are allowed to train shirtless (please ensure you are wiping down the benches).

16. When are membership payments due and when will my account be charged?

All payments are due on the first of every month and will be automatically drafted from your account within three business days.

16. Is the usage of chalk allowed?

Absolutely, having a safe grip is important. Although, we do ask that you keep your training areas as clean as possible. 

17. How do I get my door code if I signed up online?

Please email a copy of your ID to and we will get your door code issued ASAP.

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