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About Us

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Our Story

Mili's Gym is an embodiment of our every hope and dream, and we want to share it with YOU! Competitive by nature, we are passionate about fitness in different ways. For that reason, our members will notice that our gym is outfitted to cater towards athletes and competitors, while also being well equipped to serve those focused on individual health of mind and body. Our gym is intended to bring out the competitor that lives inside all of us. It is intended to turn potential into talent, and goals into success. Whether you are training to compete, or working toward a better you, we want to support you in your journey.

We decided to start Mili's Gym for several reasons. Health, fitness, and athletics are a central focus in our lives - especially as a military family of six. We have held memberships at several gyms within the community, but for one reason or another they just never gave us everything we needed. We have always felt the call to entrepreneurship, and we realized that sharing our passion for health, fitness, and strength building with our family, friends, and community was our path.

Mili's Gym is our chance to share our commitment to mental and physical health. It is our way of channeling our love for good, healthy competition. It is our opportunity to help strength competitors create memories and achieve success. It is our honor and privilege to help our service men and women in attaining optimal readiness levels. As members of the West Orange Chamber of Commerce, we are excited to plant the roots of our business here and watch our family grow even larger through our membership.

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